Use “Exaggerated” Taichi (Taiji) Form To Train Push Hands

You probably have seen the smooth and elegant form of Taiji. While you may enjoy the beauty of the art form, it is difficult for beginners to identify the real elements. The Taiji demo moves from many grand masters are so subtle, it is hard to capture the details. We truly believe there are numerous different ways one can learn Taiji, and hope this is one of many ways that will help you.

In many of Byron’s videos, he will present various options for you to use in training. Some of them may suit your current state while others may be too simple or you may not be ready to comprehend at your current level. Master Wang Zhuang Hong in his book says: when you crossed the river, you no longer need the boat anymore. Also after you reached a new level, you may have to unlearn or discard some of the practices you used in the previous level.

This is a very useful video for your push hands practice by Master Byron. Please like it and share it with others.

Note that other Tai Chi styles or other levels may have different interpretations of this same topic, we hope people can appreciate this version.

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It is important we share our experience and discuss the best ways to learn Tai Chi. We don’t want to lose the traditional martial arts treasures, we want to improve them by developing better skills and enabling better learning.