Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, Part 7

Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, Part 7


Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, part 7. In this video I will share with you my own practice tips for the beginners.
Many people told me that I have some improvement on the push hands. Byron also asked me to make a video to record any improvement so that other beginners can benefit. For different students, Byron may have customized instructions because of various different prior background. I am the example who never had any martial art training, I started from zero.

Tai Chi push hand is actually not that hard. I am pretty busy, did not spend much time. For the root stand I try to spend 3 minutes per day every day. For other things, I try once or twice per week.

Notice a few things:
1. After a few weeks, you think you finally understand what your teacher told you about one particular thing at day one. You thought you understood at day one, but you did not. You kick yourself for not realizing it earlier.

2. Everything you understand now, your teacher had told you long time ago, you just chose to “ignore” them because you did not actually experience it on your own. Understanding the words is not the same as actually re-producing them.

3. The best way to speed up your learning process is to ask the questions as if you did not understand. Asking other students also helps.

4. Repeat the wrong moves a few times help you to understand the correct move. However many year’s long hours of wrong moves do not speed up the learning.

5. the link for “Learn Anything” video http://youtu.be/mLaJzvMobr0

Are you into training aids? This video also includes one demo to construct a training device. They are really intended for the very beginners.
Hope other people can contribute more training ideas and let us know why they work for you.

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It is important we share our experience and discuss the best way to learn Taiji. We don’t want to lose the traditional martial arts treasures, we want to improve them by developing better skills and enabling better learning.
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