Tai Chi 24 simple form

Master Ke Yuan leads Tai Chi 24 steps form. Taiji 24, simple form.

The Beijing 24 form has many names including the 24 step form, the Peking form, simplified tai chi and even just the 24 postures.  This simplified tai chi form was created in 1956 by the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission of the People’s Republic of China as part of the drive to document and standardise Wushu training and introduce competition forms.

The Beijing 24 is aimed at the beginner and uses 24 representative moves from the Yang style. Although it has been simplified by reducing the repetition of moves and some of the more difficult kicks it contains the important and traditional characteristics and features of Yang style forms.

The short form enables beginners, old and young, to concentrate on, and appreciate, the essential principles of Tai Chi of effortless movement, relaxation and awareness of the mind and body as one.

Depending on how fast or slow you like to do your form the whole form takes between 4 and 8 minutes to do.

It is said to be the most popular tai chi form practiced today.

Tai Chi 24 form 二十四式简化太极拳 consists of 24-step routine that is referred to as the “short form”. It is also known as the “simplified form” for beginner to start with on Tai Chi practice. This 24-step routine has a standardized sequence, each of its posture is specifically numbered and named below:

Movement Name Direction
Form 1 Initial form South 一、起势
Form 2 Part the wild horse’s mane (3 times East 二、野马分鬃
Form 3 The white crane spreads its wings East 三、白鹤亮翅
Form 4 Brush knee and twist step on both sides (3 times) East 四、搂膝拗步
Form 5 Hand strums the lute East 五、手挥琵琶
Form 6 Step back and whirl arms on both sides (4 times) East 六、倒卷肱
Form 7 Grasp the bird’s tail-left style East 七、左揽雀尾
Form 8 Grasp the bird’s tail-right style West 八、右揽雀尾
Form 9 Single whip East 九、单鞭
Form 10 Wave hands like clouds-left style South 十、云手
Form 11 Single whip East 十一、单鞭
Form 12 High pat on the horse East 十二、高探马
Form 13 Kick with right heel (east by south 30) East 十三、右蹬腿
Form 14 Strike opponent’s ears with both fists East 十四、双峰贯耳
Form 15 Turn and kick with left heel (w by n 30) West 十五、转身右蹬脚
Form 16 Push down and stand on one leg-left style West * 十六、左下势独立
Form 17 Push down and stand on one leg-right style West 十七、右下势独立
Form 18 Work at shuttles on both sides 45 Degrees 十八、左右穿梭
Form 19 Needle at sea bottom West 十九、海地针
Form 20 Flash the arm West 二十、闪通臂
Form 21 Turn, deflect downward, parry and punch East 二十一、转身搬拦捶
Form 22 Apparent close up East 二十二、如封似闭
Form 23 Cross hands South 二十三、十字手
Form 24 Closing form South 二十四、收势