Water Taiji Detail Form Yang Style

Byron Zhang Yang Style Water Taiji (Tai Chi) Detail Steps
杨氏套路打法 水性太極拳内功
Detailed explanation for each Taiji step.
It is Yang Style combined with water Taiji skill 杨氏套路 水性太極拳
A lot of people are familiar with Yang Style Taiji (Tai Ji), but very few people know water Taiji。 Water Taiji is very difficult to learn however it has great benefit toward improving your health, building your martial arts skills and leading to higher levels of Qigong skills. Master Byron Zhang made this version to make it easy for you to learn. He combined the posture of Yang with the internal energy of water Taiji.

Master Byron Zhang led a very popular Taiji class with detailed voice instructions for each form.
Very detailed explanation for each Taiji move, this is normal speed:

Another version of the exact same video is played with 1.5 faster speed below for quick review: