“Water Tai Chi Dialogue”, Excerpts in English, Part 1

“Water Tai Chi Dialogue”, Excerpts in English, Part 1

Part 1. This contains some key points, translated into English, from the book “王氏水性太极拳讲记”. See the link at http://basks.com/resources/
The book is in Chinese. It is a record of conversations between Water Tai Chi founder Master Zhuanghong Wang and his students. I thought this would be good for people who can’t read Chinese to learn something about Water Tai Chi. Even for people who read Chinese, this may save you some time. Of course the risks are I have either translation errors or mis-interpret the intention of the contents. If you search the title “Water Tai Chi”, you will see the scantily clad Carol Argo performing Tai Chi in water +:), that is the wrong book, make sure you go to http://basks.com/resources/ to find the link to real water tai ji (though the book title is not called water tai chi on Amazon.com).



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