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Push hands Taiji Workshop at the 2014 Chinese American Olympics of Northern California

Push hands Taiji Workshop at the 2014 Chinese American Olympics of Northern California

August 9, 2014. This is the push hands workshop at the twelfth annual Chinese American Olympics of Northern California. 北加州華人體育. This opening of last year can be found here:


Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, Part 8, Trunk is 50% Weight

Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, Part 8, Trunk is 50% Weight

Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, part 8. In this video I will share with you my own practice tips for the beginners.
In his book, Master Zhuanghong Wang discussed the body weight very often. So this time I am focusing on the majority of our body weight: the trunk which is over 50% of our body weight. This is the low hanging fruit, we could easily make improvement fast.

Sometimes your master teaches you 10 ways to practice, maybe only one of them work for you because students have different background and body conditions. The best practice is having a good master feeding you the correct force, however most of the time we are on our own. Many of the things I shared in the videos are not the traditional Tai Chi training, sometimes even they are the “wrong” moves, but I believe those “wrong” moves could speed up your progress. In this video, I am not trying to achieve the goal of Tai Chi push hands, because that is a very tough goal. This video I am only trying to reach the goal of increasing the size of your motor cortex (corresponding to the control of 50% of your body weight).

However this video may not be for everyone. Some people are very faithful in terms of one style practice, other people try to find short cuts. Both kind of people may reach their goal, see the link for “Learn Anything” video http://youtu.be/mLaJzvMobr0

Are you into training aids? This video also includes one demo to construct a training device. They are really intended for the very beginners. Please leave comments below if you are interested in testing some of the devices (however if not many people are interested, we may not pursuit further).

Hope other people can contribute more training ideas and let us know why they work for you.

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It is important we share our experience and discuss the best way to learn Taiji. We don’t want to lose the traditional martial arts treasures, we want to improve them by developing better skills and enabling better learning.

part 1 of this series is at

How To Choose Ski Gear For Beginners

How To Choose Ski Gear For Beginners

How To Choose Ski Gear For Beginners. The goal of this video is to save your money or time on choosing your ski gear. For beginners, we don’t need complicated lecture on the ski equipment, it should only take a few minutes to get you going.
The following questions will be answered:
1. what kind of ski?
2. what kind of boots?
3. what about poles & what if it is too long?
4. goggles
5. helmet
6. compare rental vs buying used
7. pricing and deals

New Year Reflections From Dr. Zhang

Do you like the “tiger mom” parenting style? I hope my own experience with this is useful to you. Seeing my son going down an unconventional path these last few years, and realizing that there was little I could do now that he was 18, this is the first year I actually stopped feeling anxious about the kids’ future. However this has not been easy for me and it has taken many years to understand, right up until the last few months. With regard to children’s education, I used to have a view similar to that of the “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” (a book by Amy Chua), but now while I believe such a strategy works for many people, a different path can also work well & there is nothing to fear about it.

Please leave comments or suggestions so that we can have better communication. Since I am discussing a complicated topic in such a short video, miscommunication may happen, especially when there are significant cultural differences. It is not my intention is not to offend anyone. It is obviously easy to provide advice to someone else until one has to make the tough decision oneself. I have been checking different ladders to success, testing and shaking them or hoping to construct a unique one, but I did not believe it would work until I saw someone close to me climbing it step by step.

I would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and New Year, from Dr. Zhang

PS: This video is my second holiday video. last year’s video is here: