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7 cheapest way to attach your cell phone to a tripod and many other ways to set up anywhere else


No need to watch other people’s videos since this video covers all! The cheapest and easiest ways for all different situations are covered. No problem even if you don’t have any equipment.

There are 5 Billion mobile phone users in the world. For various reasons, you may sometimes need to place or attach the cell phone to somewhere where there is no obvious mechanism for attaching it. In addition, perhaps you do have regular proper holders or adapters, but since you go to different places with your mobile phone, you may be somewhere where you do not have the access to your usual gear, hence we have provided many different ideas in this video.

I promise some of these ideas cannot be found anywhere else. To make a DIY device, other people may say buy this and buy that, but I always use what I have on hand. So bear with me for the longer video since I will show you various different ways that can then be adapted to suit your own situation and inspire you to create something new.

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15 Ways To Not Smash Your Fingers With a Hammer


After comprehensive research on this topic including visiting the Hammer Museum in Alaska, we present you with these 15 tips. We systematically analyzed the processes and the components involved. For the first few tips we have invented, I guarantee you have never seen anything like these before.

Because there are many different sizes of nails, people with different hand-eye coordination capabilities, different hardness of surfaces, different construction environments, some of these tips may be more useful than others. You don’t need to master all of the tricks, you just need to identify your own problems and choose the best one or the cheapest one to suit your own situation.

Of course, if you never use a hammer, and always hire someone else to do your repairs and remodeling, you will never smash your fingers. Short of that (or having someone else hold the nail while you wield the hammer:) ) , the more hammers you use, the greater the likelihood of injury, especially when you are tired. Thus a good practice is to always be alert, have consistent execution, and constantly remind yourself about sound posture and correct process. Good luck to your fingers. Share this video and help cure your fellow DIYer’s pain.


The easiest and the cheapest way to purify the room air


The smoke from California fires caused air purifiers to be sold out at many locations. Today I am going to show you how to use what you have or can probably still get, to the room air clean. Compared with the expensive air purifiers on the market, these DIY air purifiers are equivalent but at a much cheaper price.
Three reasons they are cheaper:
1. if you already own a fan, then you don’t have to buy another fan.
2. when buying filters, you can buy whatever size is most suitable for your fan, or is cheaper
3. unlike air purifiers, the filters as well as fans can be bought cheaply (because both items are high volume commodities).

For example both the fans and the filters can be bought for about $15 each.