Detect wires without X-ray vision or special tools

A lot of the time, you suspect an electric wire is broken, but would like to confirm where it actually broke. Other times you simply want to locate wires placed behind a wall. Without any expensive tools, I will show you how to use two cell phones to do this.

Your project and environment could be uniquely different, so this video only provides an idea to inspire you to solve your own problem. Note that if you are dealing with high voltage circuits, you need to turn them off to be safe.

Subscribe to my channel because my invention is unique and I bet you have never ever seen anything like this before. Please share this with your friends. I know earbuds are cheap, but for the sake of environment, please attempt to fix them instead of throwing them into a landfill.

DIY face masks in 10 seconds & improve cheaper masks

What do you do if all face masks are sold out at every single store? After the coronavirus began spreading, there were soon no more face masks at any store. Restocking could take weeks. I will show you how to make your own DIY mask in 10 seconds.

What if the N95 masks are not available to you but you have a surgical masks? An N95 mask can filter at least 95% of airborne particles if you wear it correctly. A surgical mask does not effectively filter small particles from the air and does not prevent leakage around the edge of the mask when the user inhales. If you only have cheap masks, the biggest problem is that they may not fit well and there will be leakage around the edge of the mask. Since surgical masks are not designed to pass a fit test, I will show you how to make the mask fit if you don’t have access to an N95 mask.

We also proposed a couple of simple tests you can do to compare the effectiveness of different materials you have at home. We propose these minimal testing methods not because they are rigorous but because having an unrealistic sense of security by wearing a mask when it doesn’t fit well or being unaware of the level of effectiveness is also dangerous because you might then over-expose yourself to whatever it is you are trying to avoid. Be aware that having a false sense of security is dangerous. So even for a N95 mask, you need to wear it correctly and need to perform fit test.

Paper or plastic for dog owners

Paper or plastic? This question that you usually hear at the grocery store is also relevant for dog owners. Today we’re going to look at a few various easy ways to use paper to pick up dog droppings that can help save money and the environment. Using an envelope you are going to throw away anyway does not cost you money, it does not consume energy and it is better for the earth.

Picking up dog droppings twice a day would require 730 plastic bags per year. If a dog lives for 13 years, this amounts to 10 thousand bags per dog. If just a hundred people switch to paper, together we can save almost 1 million bags. Many years ago, we made this video to save 1 million plastic bags:

Five ways to tear packing tape without any tools

Maybe you have attempted to tear packing tape with your bare hands, but failed big. The more you keep wanting to break it and the angrier you are, the harder it may be to break it, and it is so embarrassing especially if your friends are watching you.

Sometimes you just have zero tools available to you when you really want to tear the packaging tape. Based on different methods and different tapes, the reasons for failing to tear it successfully may be different. This video will show you some methods and demonstrate the precise steps and conditions to successfully tear the tape without any special tools.

Tracy Arm fjord in Alaska near Juneau


Tracy Arm is a fjord in Alaska near Juneau. The most common access is by boat using Stephens Passage and entering Holkham Bay and Tracy and Endicott Arms. Large tour vessels and smaller commercial cruise boats frequently use Tracy Arm as a tour destination or as a stop along their normal tour routes.

During the summer, the fjords have considerable floating ice ranging from hand-sized to pieces as large as a three-story building. During the most recent glaciated period, both fjords were filled with active glaciers.

The twin Sawyer Glaciers, North Sawyer and South Sawyer, are located at the end of Tracy Arm. The wildlife in the area includes black and brown bears, deer, wolves, harbor seals, and a variety of birds, such as Arctic terns and pigeon guillemots. The mountain goats, which are usually found in the higher elevation areas, have been seen near the base of Sawyer Glacier.

Princess departs from San Francisco. This is part of a 10-day Alaska cruise.

The description from Princess Cruise’s website:
Named after Civil War general Benjamin Franklin Tracy, this narrow fjord is located approximately 50 miles southeast of Juneau. Breathtaking Tracy Arm extends over 30 miles long, with nearly a quarter of its area covered in ice. In fact, it encompasses some of Alaska’s largest glaciers, including the twin Sawyer glaciers, which often expel enormous chunks of ice into the waters below in a magnificent process known as calving. During the summer when Princess ships visit, icebergs float along the surface of the glistening water in an array of sizes, from just a few inches up to three stories wide.

Protected within the Tongass National Forest, Tracy Arm Fjord is a haven for wildlife. Black and brown bears, deer, wolves, harbor seals, mountain goats and a variety of seabirds have been spotted in the area.

As you glide through the pristine fjord, you’ll first pass by a lush forest where a number of beautiful waterfalls cascade down, and then you’ll be treated to views of snowcapped mountains and blue-tinged glaciers more spectacular than you could ever imagine.

The 4K version is here: