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Default Greetings from Argentina!

Hello there! My name is Federico, and I'm from Argentina. Been practicing taijiquan for about a year and love it so far

Just thought I'd post here to introduce myself.

What kind of Martial Arts did you learn before?
I started out with ITF Taekwon-do, but then moved to MMA (Muay Thai + BJJ). After that, I started working so there were a few years where I did no martial art. After that, I tried coming back, as I wanted something new I tried Wing Chun, but it wasn't really my style. Finally I tried Taijiquan expecting nothing and got a pleasant surprise

I've also practiced other things like Judo and Krav Maga but so little time that it's not even worth mentioning.

How many years and where?
26 (almost 27) years old, from Argentina. I've practiced TKD for about 2 years, and MMA for about 1. This is my first year practicing Taijiquan.

What do you enjoy the most of the training?
I'm quite a perfectionist person. I love learning new things and philosophies, and taijiquan allows me to work on something to perfect basically for all my life, while having fun, and martial/heath benefits.

What are your questions and concerns during your training?
Well, I think the question I have the most is "Am I doing this right?". For some things I know when I'm doing it right, and when not, but not for everything.

What is your goal with Taiji and internal training?
Initially I just wanted to do something for health, which also is useful for self defense. Now the main reason is I just find it fun, it's something I want to spend time on.

How much do you understand the Taiji theory?
I know the basics... I'm the kind of person who likes philosophy, math and theories in general (frameworks for thought). So I've read some about it, and been able to learn and understand a little of them with my instructor.

I'm still new so to be honest, so I understand very little actually

What are the differences you see between Water Tai Chi training and others?
Well, I've only practiced one Yang derived style called Ma Tsun Kuen, it was created by master Ma, who was a student of Yang Chengfu before moving to Argentina. He founded the school in Buenos Aires. One of the reasons why master Ma opened the school was because schools by then were all focused on health, meditation and artistic form, but lacked the martial aspect.

So he modified the forms, and introduced to our practice two set of exercises, one we call Tai Chi Tsao which is to relax and stretch, and the other I Chi Kung.

Just looking at some videos, it seems quite similar actually, some words or concepts might be explained differently but the idea is the same.

What are your thoughts about martial arts in general?
I love martial arts, traditional and modern. Don't really know why, there is a saying here which is something like: "Only the ones who shares my craziness understands my passions"

Do you have links to any videos of yourself practicing martial arts?
Not yet

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