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Opening Ceremony of Chinese American Olympics 2013

Opening Ceremony of Chinese American Olympics 2013

This is a very short video of the Opening Ceremony of Chinese American Olympics of Northern California.
Date: on August 10, 2013.
Location:  James Logan High School, 1800 H St., Union City ,CA 94587

This is the eleventh annual Chinese American Olympics of Northern California. This year’s games are organized and managed by professional athletes.  The Northern California Chinese Cultural Athletic Federation sponsors the largest Chinese sporting competitions outside of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In this sports event, all of us come together to enjoy ourselves not only in all the competitions, but also the music, food and the company of each other. You may check for more info.

Lunch For Ke Yuan

Lunch For Ke Yuan

Master Ke Yuan was changing job, thus we organized a farewell lunch. I reserved a private 10-seat room based on the 10 email replies. However 20 people showed up.
All people attended are interested in Tai Chi, hopefully some people from this group may be Tai Chi legends in twenty years.
Traditional Tai Chi masters rarely have more than 10 photos, you don’t know much inside behind the scenes, nothing about their private life. This video would be a record, a break from the tradition, visit us again in twenty years.

Lantern Festival 2013

English Version:
Lantern Festival 2013
Potluck (amount enough for your own).
Place: Address, 10931 Maxine Ave. Cupertino, 95014
Time: Saturday Feb 23, 2013 6:00PM
Silicon Valley Culture Association

Chinese Version:

雅世界末日预言的洗礼,劫后余生的我等善男信女, 在新来的癸巳水蛇年之初亟需一个欢乐的盛会
秉此,我们硅谷文化协会承袭二十年之传统,将在元宵节, 再次以灯谜,美食,音乐大会的形式
本次有奖灯谜,美食暨音乐晚会将借“青青草中文学校幼儿园” (Address, 10931 Maxine Ave. Cupertino, 95014)一方